A global reference in energy efficiency.

The Aconcagua building is located in a high mountain climate (with temperatures down to -11ºC), but its 27 apartments hardly need heating to maintain a comfortable temperature. Thanks to the reform carried out by Enginesa, this building of more than 30 years is now a world benchmark for its sustainability: it has reduced its cost of heating by -84% and its Co2 emissions by -96%. For all this, the building has won the 1st prize at the World Conference on Climate Change in Paris # COP21.
In the following videos we explain what the reform consisted of.


Jordi Llovera, CTO of Enginesa, PhD Engineer and Passive House Designer, is the driving force of the Aconcagua building reform: "The objective is the construction of buildings that consume the minimum energy possible, and that are built with ecological materials," explains Jordi Llovera.


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-84% energy consumption

In the reform hundreds of innovations have been applied in energy efficiency, reducing consumption exponentially.

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-96% CO2 emissions

The building has the energy label A, the highest in energy efficiency, despite being a building of more than 30 years.

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9€ per month in heating

Despite the fact that the building is located in a high mountain climate, the average heating cost per home is only 9 euros.

World-renowned innovation


Enginesa has received the First World Prize at the Climate Change Summit in Paris # COP21 and the award for sustainability by the Andorran Business Confederation.


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