Discover 11 amazing benefits
to live in a sustainable house.

The Passive Houses are energy-efficient, ecological and healthy homes, which offer a comfortable room temperature throughout the year, with only 10% of the consumption of a conventional home. Next, we explain its great advantages.

Passive House in Encamp (Andorra).    Enginesa    project.  Passive House in Encamp (Andorra). Enginesa project.

Passive House in Encamp (Andorra). Enginesa project. Passive House in Encamp (Andorra). Enginesa project.

1. The temperature inside is always the same 

The Passive House gives stability to the temperature of the whole house, every hour and every day.
They reduce heat losses in winter and prevent heat inputs in summer, thus establishing the ideal temperature throughout the house.

2. The temperature is comfortable in all parts of the house

The insulation implanted in the home allows all the rooms to have the same temperature and is also within the comfort parameters. This happens because cold spots are avoided that produce the habitual energetic escapes of the houses.

3. Reduces your heating expense by more than 90%

The great thermal insulation implanted in the passive houses and the last generation windows, avoid any change of temperature in the interior, so it will not be necessary to produce almost heating. In addition, the little heating or artificial ventilation that may be needed, is produced with very efficient systems.

4. You live with an adequate solar orientation

When the building or the house is new construction, the orientation will adapt to the sun, to make the most of all the solar benefits and natural light, also avoiding summer overheating.

5. Reduces your CO2 emissions by more than 90%

By consuming very little energy, the emission of CO2 is 90% lower than traditional systems, thus reducing polluting emissions that cause climate change.

6. Great acoustic insulation from outside noise

The windows used in a passive house, are triple glazed and double air chamber, so not only serves as thermal insulation but also make acoustic insulation, allowing outside noise to become virtually imperceptible.

Jordi Llovera (PhD Engineer) in the passive house in Encamp, made by    Enginesa.

Jordi Llovera (PhD Engineer) in the passive house in Encamp, made by Enginesa.

7. A smart elevator that recovers energy with movement

In the case of a passive multi-storey building, the use of an elevator is essential. The lift used regenerates energy in the descent, creating an efficient system.

8. You live in a domotic home

The entire house is automatically controlled, collecting and analyzing data such as temperature, energy costs, the operation of the systems, in a very simple way for the user. Your home adapts to the needs of each moment.

9. A much more efficient ventilation

The installation of a ventilation system produces a totally controlled air circulation, without currents or temperature changes, creating a pleasant sensation of comfort. The extracted air heats the new air in a very efficient way.

10. You gain in health thanks to the quality of air

The filtered air avoids the presence of dust and pollen, which reduces the allergic reactions and the cleaning of the indoor dust. In addition, the low concentration of CO2 and volatile organic compounds reduces the feeling of fatigue and other ailments.

11. A very good amortization

The additional cost of a new passive house is only 3 to 5% on the overall price of the work, in exchange for a lifetime energy saving, unparalleled thermal comfort and a drastic reduction of emissions throughout the life of the building.


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Thanks to the application of bioclimatic architecture resources, passive buildings require almost no heating and air conditioning consumption, which makes it possible to amortize the little investment difference with respect to a conventional building, in a very short period of time.